When Robert Vincent Sims was 10 years old his parents took him to the Miami Metropolitan Garden show. He visited all the booths in total awe. While walking out on his own garden path, so to speak, he discovered the Fern Society booth. Ferns of all sizes were tiered on a large ladder. The top of the ladder had a huge blue ribbon specimen of a Staghorn fern. Vince decided that he needed to know the name of the flawless specimen and quietly stepped up on the first rung of the ladder to read the name tag. That's when it happened, the entire display with dozens of potted plants came crashing down into an instant compost pile. People came running from everywhere to investigate the noise and the president of the Fern Society helped Vince to pick up all the pieces. Scared to death that he would be in "big" trouble, he didn't even get a scolding from the president. Instead the president said, "would you assist me in the operation of this Staghorn, young man?" Vince said "you bet", the man cleared a table, took out the largest knife Vince had ever seen and began to divide the big fern. As the damaged suckers or "pups" were removed from the specimen Vince was intrigued and asked plenty of questions. The president invited him to the next Fern Society meeting and gave Vince one of the newly divided Staghorn Ferns. A month later Vince arrived at the Fern Society meeting with his thriving fern mounted on a square cedar plank. He showed it to the group that night and explained how he obtained it and the audience roared with laughter. His introduction to the plant world was well on its way.