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The Michael Savage Talk Radio Show  certainly doesn't have the same sort of combinations we've come to expect from other major talk radio successors.  Savage has been around now for a number of years and runs a show that is political, ideological, and sometimes unexpected topics.  Michael Savage will discuss the politics of the day often coming across angry to the more politically correct minded person.  Savage covers the hot issues, but he'll also dive into conversations about his dog, and his walk down the street.  You never quite know what your going to get in his program.

Perhaps it's his style that gets the most attention.  His attack dog, self-confident persona actually attracts many listeners who are sick and tired of the status quo.  Savage has several writings, but more recently has hit the big time (NY Times best seller list) with his books about liberals, and The Savage Nation.

The Michael Savage talk radio show is not for the moderate, not for the democrat, and not for the republican - it is for people that simply want to hear what Michael Savage has to say about any and every issue.  Love him or hate him, he says what he thinks, and can "offend" anyone at any time.