Thomas Rebman, the "Homeless Teacher",  is a retired Naval Officer and former Educator who decided to voluntarily experience homelessness as a Summer Reading Program for his students in 2014.  This Summer Reading Program unintentionally became the most unique and impactful homeless awareness campaign in the United States in decades.  Since then, Tom has voluntarily lived homeless in 13 cities across America for a total of 98 days.  

He has personally inteviewed over 7000 citizens experiencing homelessness and stayed in 30 shelters.  His experience on the streets combined with his tireless homelessness research has made him one of the most educated and vocal advocates for the homeless in the Nation.  

Tough Times radio was born out of his personal desire to educate people on the truths of poverty. He has been advocating for the homeless ever since he I learned the truths of homelessness through the eyes of the needy.