Lineup Monday through Friday:

12am-1am  - Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

1am-5am    - Coast to Coast with George Noory

5am-6am    - America in the Morning with Jim Bohannan

6am-8am    - Doug Stephan Good Day

8am-9am    - Local News Magazine with Bob Soos

9am-12noon - Glenn Beck

12noon-3pm - Laura Ingraham

3pm-6pm    - Sean Hannity

6pm-7pm    - Local News Magazine Encore

7pm-10pm   - Michael Savage

10pm-12am  - Jerry Doyle



Mid-1am Clark Howard

1am-5am Coast to Coast

5am-6am Perspective

6am-9am Sean Hannity Weekend

9am-9:30am Best Of Local News Magazine

9:30am-10am Team Vision

10am-11am Steve Meyer Show

11am-Noon Cindy’s Health Beat

Noon-1pm Lighthouse Retirement Hour

1pm-2pm Kim Kommando Show

2pm-2:30pm Best Of Local News Magazine

2:30pm-3pm Team Vision

3pm-5pm Arms Room Radio

5pm-6pm Talk of the Town

6pm-9pm Laura Ingraham Weekend

9pm-11pm Pet Show with Warren Eckstein

11pm-Mid Free Talk Live





Mid-1am....Free Talk Live

1am-5am...Coast to Coast

5am-6am Perspective

6am-7am Kim Kommando Show

7am-7:30am Team Vision

7:30am-8am Best Of Local News Magazine

8am-9am Lighthouse Retirement Hour

9am-9:30am Best Of Local News Magazine

9:30am-10am Team Vision

10am-Noon Today’s Homeowner

Noon-3pm Clark Howard Weekend

3pm-6pm Glenn Beck Weekend

6pm-9pm Kim Kommando Show

9pm-10pm Talk of the Town

10pm-Mid Free Talk Live