Here's a handy-dandy hurricane tracking map that is updated very often. It's here for your convenience... but we strongly recommend that you continue reading below (after the map) to be even better prepared.

Are Your Ready This Hurricane Season?

Ok, so not everyone loves a good storm. Weather (pun intended) or not you enjoy a little rain and the wind blowing through your hair or not, hurricane season is something that should be taken seriously. Even a seemingly mild tropical storm or depression can wreak havoc on your home, your car, or your poor little pooch, Fifi, whom you forgot to bring in. The smartest thing that you can do is to be well-informed on what's going on out there in the Atlantic. Knowing the whens and wheres will help you to stay on your toes and ready to either hunker down or take off for safer ground. Here are some helpful things to help you to stay safe through this hurricane season. Remember, knowledge is power.

Up To The Minute Information

  • The Treasure & Space Coast Radio News NetworkIt's imperative to be armed with the latest and most accurate information before, during and after the storm. Our Storm Team is seasoned, experienced, and always updated with the latest info. Also partnered with CBS 12 you know you can count on the Treasure & Space Coast News Network.
  • Where can I tune into the Treasure & Space Coast Radio News Network


99.7 Jack FM / WJKD-FM

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Tracking Tools

  • It's important to keep an eye on the various storm developments out there. Start with the Atlantic map to cover all the current storms. As one approaches Florida, begin mapping using the Florida map. After a storm or two, who knows... you may find this to be an interesting hobby. Some people like collecting Star Wars figures or bottle caps... perhaps hurricane tracking will be your calling...
  • Help From The Interweb.There is no shortage of useful websites out there that can help you to keep "in the know" regarding the next Charlie or Katrina. We don't recommend that you visit sites like Craigslist or eBay for the latest hurricane news... but our listeners are a smart group, so we're confident you already knew that. It's also a good idea to visit more than one or two sites, so that you get the report from different perspectives.Here are some helpful links to keep up to date on the next big storm:
    • Um, this very page that you're on. Yeah that's right. We rock and roll on the weather thing.
    • National Hurricane Center - The horse's mouth, so to speak.
    • The Weather Channel - Seemed like an obvious choice to us.
    • Wunderground - An excellent weather site with lots o' cool color maps. Oooooh!


  • Huddle UpIt's really important that you and your family know what to do, where to go, etc. in the event that a hurricane hits and you are all somehow separated. A family meeting should be held to discuss all the details... and it'd be a very good idea to also share this with your extended family and friends, so everyone you love is in the loop. This Family Emergency Plan document should prove rather handy.Here is some additional good advice to supplement that document: Plan For Locations
  • Duct Tape RulesYou need to make sure that you're ready for the worst. A hurricane can result in you not having food, water, or even good shelter. Someone may be injured or you may be out of electricity for days. Be prepared! Here is a very helpful checklist: Recommended Supplies List. Also, check out this page for more information on building a hurricane survival kit.Oh yeah. One more thing... don't forget duct tape! You can never have too much duct tape!
  • Gassed Up and Ready to GoIt may seem obvious, when the time comes, it may be easy to forget. Unfortunately, by the time you remember, everyone else remembers too! What's that mean? Well, fighting chaotic crowds at Costco is not the ideal way to prepare for an incoming storm. So, GO EARLY!!! Fill up all your vehicles with gasoline, as there may be a shortage after the storm. If you decide to evacuate, gas stations may be tapped out for miles, so you want your tank to be full. Also, stock up on water and food. Don't forget less obvious necessities, such as making sure that you have enough supply of any necessary prescription drugs, feminine products, batteries, and so on. You should have a battery-run radio on hand, as well as flashlights, extra clothes, and personal hygiene items such as deodorant and tooth paste (everyone around you will thank you). And did we mention duct tape?


We are not invincible. A hurricane (or really, any big storm) needs to be taken seriously. Your life and the lives of your loved ones may depend on the actions you take before the storm comes. Be prepared and informed and, most importantly, safe.